Air Quality


Stakeholders Meeting - Air Control Regulations

The CNMI’s Air Pollution Control Regulations is under review and a stakeholder’s meeting is set for Tues, August 21, 2007. This meeting is designed for air emission source owners, operators, consultants, or anyone interested in the recent changes to the CNMI’s Air Pollution Control Regulations that will affect how emission sources are operated in the CNMI. Topics to be discussed are construction and operation requirements for major, minor, and standby emission source permits, applicable fees, applicable federal regulations, and others. This is an opportunity to learn firsthand the latest development in the CNMI’s (Air) Operating Permitting Program. Seating is limited to only 75 participants for both morning and afternoon sessions. Interested individuals must register with DEQ by August 19, 2007. Registration forms are available on this page. You may also call the Clean Air Branch at 664-8500. ###