Air Quality


NO Open Burning

DEQ cautions public about open burning

Any open burning is the responsibility of the person owning, operating, or managing the property, premises, business establishment, or industry where the open burning is occurring. Under no circumstances is open burning of trash allowed. Violators may receive Notices of Violation or Administrative Orders with Penalties, if caught burning trash.  Check with the CNMI Fire Department for additional requirements.


The burning of organic matter, including leaves, grass, weeds, paper, or wood which has not been painted with lead paint or treated with insecticides or pesticides is allowed in small quantities. However, this material should not exceed 25 pounds or 27 cubic feet, whichever is smaller. Burning activity should be started and completed between 9 am and 6 pm; be attended or supervised by an adult; and not be performed within fifty feet of any habitable building.  Other allowable burning activities include fires for the cooking of food or for recreational, decorative, or ceremonial purposes. Burning to abate a fire hazard is allowed, if approved by the Department of Public Safety.

Allowed, with DEQ Approved Permit:

Person engaged in agriculture may engage in burning only after obtaining an agricultural burning permit from DEQ. Agricultural burning cannot include inorganic waste or organic waste contaminated with pesticides.

Not Allowed: 

Burning of trash and other non-organic wastes.