Air Quality


More about Clean Air

The CNMI Air Pollution Control Regulations can be found at NMIAC Chapter 65-10.  New Air Pollution Control regulations for the CNMI are currently in draft form and will be adopted soon.  Both sets of regulations can be found on the regulations page of the website.


The Clean Air brach continues to review air permit applications and issues air permits for stationery sources. Air permit applications are categorized into two types, which are major or minor depending on the amount of proposed emissions. Major sources are those that emit 100 tons per year (tpy) or greater of any regulated air pollutant.

All air permit application submissions require dispersion modeling (conservative or refined), which is evaluated thoroughly and compared against the national ambient air quality standards for compliance.

In conjunction with issuing permits, the Clean Air Branch evaluates the control technology, operations, and fuels consumed to assess the types and potential air emissions from the various sources.


The Clean Air branch monitors activities of the stationary sources for compliance with the applicable rules and permit conditions, and recommends enforcement action where violations have occurred.

The branch compiles and maintains a statewide air emissions inventory for the air pollution sources.

It further conducts annual inspections of major sources and investigates incidents and complaints.


The Clean AIr Branch also initiates case development of alleged violations, issues notices of violation, and assists with the legal process. We propose and assess corrective measures, settlement agreements, and penalties.

For more information about the Clean Air branch, contact Norman Borja at 664-8500.