Environmental Surveillance Laboratory

The CNMI DEQ's Environmental Surveillance Laboratory protects public health and the environment by measuring the quality of water used by the public for drinking, recreational and/or other purpose. This branch is responsible for implementing proper quality control practices in day-to-day tasks and that reported data are precise, accurate, valid and defensible.


General Overview

The Division of Environmental Quality Surveillance Laboratory was established by the Commonwealth of the Northern Mar...more

Capabilities and Certification

CapabilitiesThe DEQ laboratory tests several biological and chemical parameters in drinking, recreational, and ...more

Sampling Information

SAMPLING COLLECTIONS & RECEIVINGThe DEQ laboratory performs multiple collections of marine...more

Certified Water Laboratories

There are currently 6 DEQ certified water laboratories. See below for the ...more


Employees of the Surveillance Laboratory are here to serve you.They are: ...more

Lab Photo Gallery

Photos of our people and our equipment...more