Waste and Air Quality Management

DEQ's Toxic Waste Management branch protects public health and the environment through the enforcement and ongoing inspections of hazaroudous waste, used oil, solid wastes, anti-littering, recycling, and emergency response. This branch is responsible for regulating businesses that engage or manage hazardous (auto/heavy equipment shops, drycleaning shops, print or photo shops) or solid wastes (landfill, recycling centers, trash hauling/collection), issuing citations to litter violators and responding to oil/chemical spill on land or water, authorization of Onsite or Commercial Used Oil operations, including storage, and disposal of used oil through the use of an approved Used Oil Burner Unit and/or off island shipment; terrorist threats, UXO detonation, weapons of mass destruction or any natural or manmade disaster.


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Hazardous Waste

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Emergency Response

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Solid Waste

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Litter Control

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Waste Reduction/Recycling

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Used Oil Program

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Pollution Prevention

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