Air Quality

DEQ's Clean Air branch protects public health and the environment by controlling air pollution. This branch is responsible for keeping CNMI air clean and healthy through permitting, enforcement and monintoring of federal and state air pollution control statutes and regulations.


Authority and Statutes

Authority The following are the federal and state laws and regulations that are associated with the control of...more

NO Open Burning

DEQ cautions public about open burningAny open burning is the respons...more


The Clean Air branch employees are to serve you.Kate Fuller, Acting Air Bra...more

CNMI Draft Air Regulations

The DRAFT Air Pollution Control Reguations have been published in the Commonwealth Register and will be adopted soon....more


More about Clean Air

The CNMI Air Pollution Control Regulations can be found at NMIAC Chapter 65-10. New Air Pollution Control regul...more