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The Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality was established by Executive Order No. 2013-24.  On November 12, 2013 Honorable Governor Eloy S. Inos issued Executive Order No. 2013-24, reorganizing and merging the previously separate and locally mandated Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Coastal Resources Management (CRM) entities under the newly established Bureau of Environmental & Coastal Quality (BECQ) agency under the Executive Branch.  Based on EO 2013-24, the main purpose of the merger is to enhance efficiency and positive collaboration between the two environmental entities through integration of services and strategic goals, sharing of resources, and elimination of overlapping responsibilities

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August 7, 2015

Public Notice Regarding Typhoon Debris

As a direct result of the devastation that Typhoon Soudelor had on the island of Saipan, the Emergency Operations Center, in collaboration with BECQ, has designated two sites for typhoon debris staging. The general public is encouraged to utilize these sites, in addition to the Marpi Landfill or Lower Base Transfer Station, as you begin to clean your homes of typhoon debris. These sites will serve as a temporary staging area strictly for green wastes, roofing tin, and damaged lumber.

Locations of debris storage:

  1. In Kagman; Lot #004 G 25 and #004 G 41 - (CLOSED)

Located on Gabgab Dr. The road adjacent to Kagman business center

  1. Public Land in As Gonno

Located on Magisa Dr. off As Perdido Rd.

  1. Marpi Landfill

The staging area will operate under the following conditions, set forth by BECQ

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact BECQ at 664-8500 or 8501. Thank you very much for your cooperation.      


As Gonno site is currently OPEN.

We will announce when the Kagman site is operational.































Pesticide Storage Fees

The Bureau of Environmental Quality recently published the Adoption of Rule regarding the Pesticide Storage Fees in the Commonwealth Register, Volume 37, Number 1 dated January 28, 2015.

The purpose and objective of the rule is to ensure compliance with the CNMI Pesticide Regulations.  The Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, Division of Environmental Quality ('DEQ"), requires the consignee/importer who imports a pesticide or device that has been detained or denied entry and impounded, shall pay a non-refundable storage fee.  These fees shall be based on the volume and characteristics.  Additional fees related to cartage, labor, shipping, and disposal costs may be assessed in accordance with the Pesticide Regulations.

Frank M. Rabauliman, BECQ Administrator, says BECQ wants to ensure the safety and welfare of DEQ employees, the agents that intercept the illegal pesticides and most especially members of the public and the protection of the environment.  Thus, while awaiting proper disposition of detained, seized or impounded pesticides, we need the ability to charge a nominal storage fee. 

According to Camacho, pesticides branch manager, the BECQ will assess a non-refundable storage fee of $15 per day for each storage container (i.e. 55-gallon drum) starting from the date of interception by DEQ or authorized agents, until the pesticides and or devices are returned or disposed.  “It is important that we recover some costs with storage as the agency and importer are negotiating disposal or shipment,” added Camacho.

For more information about the storage fees, please contact BECQ at 664-8500 or send an email to storagetankspesticides@deq.gov.mp 

Environmental Awareness Month Calendar of Events - April 2015

Please contact BECQ at 664-8500 for any event questions.


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To serve the public through wise management of CNMI natural resources, supporting healthy communities, a sustainable environment and a vibrant economy.


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