Safe Drinking Water


(Photo: Rota Main Water Cave)


DEQ’s Safe Drinking Water and Ground Water Management Programs protects public health and the environment by monitoring the activities of all public water systems in the CNMI and regulating access to and withdrawal of the ground water from the vulnerable fresh water aquifers of our islands.

The Safe Drinking Water program is responsible for regulating public water systems through the training, testing and certification of water treatment plant operators, inspecting public water systems on a periodic basis, reviewing designs of new or modified public water systems, tracking the water monitoring and compliance activities of public water systems and investigating drinking water violations and responding to drinking water complaints.

The Groundwater Management program is responsible to protect overuse or contamination of fresh water aquifers by allowing only qualified, bonded and licensed personnel perform drilling activities, permitting the construction of new wells in locations that have the least risk of aquifer contamination, and monitoring the water quality of quantity pumped from exiting wells.

Last Updated 1/13/2022

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