Wastewater, Earthmoving, Erosion Control

DEQ's Wastewater, Earthmoving and Erosion Control branch protects public health and the environment by minimizing negative impacts to CNMI soil surface and ground water resources through enforcement of local and federal environmental regulations. This branch is responsible for controlling runoff from human related activities, ensuring proper design, construction and application of approved on-site wastewater disposal systems, responding to complaints on illegal and or unpermitted land clearing, issuing notices of violations and administrative orders and promoting public education and awareness


Wastewater Earthmoving and Erosion control Management
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Press Release:  Earthmoving & Erosion Control Rules and Regulation

BECQ-DEQ is announcing revisions to its earthmoving regulations that were adopted on June 7, 2014, after being published for public comment in the Commonwealth Register on February 28, 2014.

The following are the keys changes made:

Project Area                                             Fee

Up to 1 hectare                                         $150.00

Greater than 1 hectare

less than or equal to 5 hectare             $450.00

Greater than 5 hectare

less than or equal to 15 hectare           $850.00

Greater than 15 hectare

less than or equal to 50 hectare        $3,000.00

Greater than 50 hectare

less than or equal to 100 hectare      $6,000.00

Greater than 100 hectare

less than or equal to 200 hectare    $10,000.00

Greater than 200 hectare                  $15,000.00

The above Commercial and Non-commercial fee schedule will be in effect on September 2, 2014.  For detailed information, please call the Wastewater, Earthmoving & Erosion Control Branch at 664-8500.

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