2017 PIEC

Hafa Adai & Tirow! 

Every other year, local environmental agencies of CNMI, Guam and American Samoa, sponsor an environment conference that brings together people throughout the Pacific Islands to work for dialogue and exchange on various environmental issues. Attendees include active participants from local governments, elected officials, non-profit and community-based organizations, private sector representatives, professional and university researchers, and others who have a role to play in Pacific Island environmental issues. Each conference has a different theme in response to the Islands' most pressing needs and interests.

This year, the 29th PACIFIC ISLAND ENVIRONMENT CONFERENCE (PIEC) shall be held on Saipan on June 13, 14 and 15, 2017 at the Saipan World Resort. The goal for the 29th conference agenda is to engage the attendees with environmental issues that have a direct impact on our island economy, education and culture.

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Mon, June 12 Tue, June 13 Wed, June 14 Thu, June 15 Fri, June 16
PRE-Conference Day 1 - Climate Change & Island Resilience Day 2 - Sustainable Development Day 3 - Public Health & Environment POST-Conference & Field Trip

Proposed Workshops: 

1) Water Quality - TMDL, and 305b & 303d reporting issues

2) Water Quality - data & electronic reporting to WQS & STORET systems

3) Water Operator Training (by Am Water Works Assoc) 


Climate Change in the Pacific - Projections and Role of Small Island states


Data Sharing: Data, Portals, Tools and Apps: What information are we collecting or developing and how are we sharing it?


Coral Reefs - 10 years of data & actions implemented


 Drought Beyond Drinking Water


Typhoons on the Horizon




Land Management:  Conservation & Open Space to SupportResilience


Land Management:  Recycling & Getting to Zero Waste

Business Mixer



Stream Benthic Habitat & Other Biologicical Assessments

Water Preparation in the face of a Drought

Using canines to improve Water Quality & other enviro concerns

Data & Tools: Mapping new challenges and needs: Knowledge Exchange & Roundtable

Federal Agency Roundtable


Field Trips: 
1) Laulau Bay (Dive or Snorkel) 

2) Forbidden Island (Hike & Snorkel)

Proposed Workshops:
1) Green Infrastructure  (target audience: developers, contractors, planners, managers, engineers, etc.)

2) Emergency response:  Oil Spill Basics & Incident Command System (Target audience:  environmental staff/personnel)

Registration for the 2017 PIEC shall commence in April 2017.  Please check back periodically for udpates on the conference agenda, places to stay, eat, explore and much more!