The Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ) was established on November 12, 2013 under Executive Order No. 2013-24, which merged the Division of Environmental Quality and the Division of Coastal Resources Management into one Bureau under the Executive Branch.

The purpose of the merger is to enhance efficiency and collaboration through integration of services and strategic goals, shared resources, and elimination of overlapping responsibilities.

Notice to Visitors

  • BECQ is open to serve the public Monday to Friday | 9:00am to 3:00pm.
  • Safety measures are practiced in our office for the protection of our visitors and our staff from the risk of Covid-19.
  • Designated visitors entrance is through the BECQ Main Entrance (automatic doors) and parking will be in front of the BECQ building.
  • BECQ applications are readily available for pick-up on the 1st floor of the BECQ office.
  • BECQ applications may be dropped off or submitted electronically.

For additional assistance, contact our office.

Message from the Administrator

Hafa Adai and Tirow!

The mission statement of the CNMI Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality is to serve the public through wise management of CNMI natural resources, supporting healthy communities, a sustainable environment and a vibrant economy. Committed to serving the community and dedicated to our mission, we work collaboratively with various government agencies, private partners, and the citizens of the Commonwealth to ensure a healthy community and a green and sustainable environment.

As part of our commitment to provide the public with easy access to resources of our work and services, our website is designed with information and materials of our programs and permit application requirements and regulations. We welcome you to browse through our website and hope you find it useful. As we continue to improve this site we welcome your feedback.

If your business or personal needs lead you to contact BECQ, you will find our staff is ready to help and committed to serving the public.

Thank you for visiting our website!


Eli D. Cabrera, Administrator

Feel free to contact me through phone call at (670) 664-8500 or direct line at (670) 664-8550 or via

Technical Staff and Administrative Services

Director, Zabrina S. Cruz

The DEQ Director is the regulatory authority who oversees all DEQ programs, compliance activities and enforcement actions. The Director provides oversight and direction to program management and staff, and ensures that standard operating procedures are followed and federal requirements are met.

Technical Staff

DEQ has jurisdiction over the land, air, and sea, with the mission to protect and preserve the CNMI’s natural resources and bodies of water.

  • Joe Quitugua, IT Manager -
  • Travis Spaeth P.E., MSEM, Safe Drinking Water Manager -
  • Vacant Water Quality Surveillance & Nonpoint Source Branch Manager -
  • Kathy Yuknavage, Water Quality Technical Services Contractor

DEQ Administrative Services

The Administrative branch protects public health and the environment by providing clerical support, correspondence management, procurement, budgeting, accounting and development of operational methods and procedures for all DEQ program and activities.

  • Gloria Castro, Manager
  • Bernice C. Babauta, Accountant
  • Godiva Asanuma, Administrative Assistant
  • Amy Cabrera, Administrative Assistant
  • Rikki Camacho, Administrative Specialist

DEQ Resource Listing

Division of Environmental Quality

  • Monday - Friday
  • 9:00 AM • 3:00 PM
  • Applications available for pick-up at 1st floor of BECQ Office or online at

Wastewater, Earthmoving, and Erosion Control

  • Permit applications
  • Tel: (670) 664-8502 I 8523
  • Email:

Environmental Surveillance Laboratory

  • Water samples for analysis
  • Tel: (670) 664-8520 I 8542
  • Email:

Safe Drinking Water

  • Monitoring public water systems
  • Tel: (670) 664-8518
  • Email:

Water Quality Surveillance & Non-Point Source

  • Water quality certifications
  • Tel: (670) 664-8521
  • Email:

Solid Waste Management

  • Litter control and waste
  • Solid waste permits applications
  • Tel: (670) 664-8546
  • Email:

Storage Tanks

  • Permit applications
  • Tel: (670) 664-8511
  • Email:

Site Assessment & Remediation (SAR)

  • By appointments only
  • Tel: (670) 664-8506
  • Email:


  • Permits, certifications, and imports
  • Tel: (670) 664-8512
  • Email:

Tinian Office

  • Tel: (670) 433-3169
  • Email:

Employment Opportunities

The Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ) which oversees the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM) operates under the CNMI Office of the Governor and is subject to the employment procedures as established by the CNMI Office of Personnel Management.

Environmental Engineer

Please visit the CNMI Office of Personnel Management webpage for a complete list of vacancies:

How to Apply?

Submit a completed CNMI Employment Application to the Office of Personnel Management, Office of the Governor. You must submit an application for each currently announced position you are applying for with your original signature. Your application is non-transferable. All applications being submitted must comply with the deadline stated on the job announcement. Additional information and instructions are included in the employment application.